Houston, Texas FRC Worlds Competition Deep Space 2019 

Parents, Students, and Teachers

 We hope you are staying safe and doing well during these times. As we try to maneuver this year as safely as possible, Gladiator Robotics wants to invite you to our very own TinyBot competition. To ensure the safety and health of all members, the competitions and instructive sessions will be held completely virtually and teams will be limited to 5 or fewer members. Our main goal this year is to create a fun, challenging, and affordable competition despite the circumstances we are facing.

During the competition season, Gladiator Robotics will host a zoom call every week to help all the teams build their bot. The build season will be 8 weeks and an additional 4 weeks will be given for the teams to practice with their TinyBot. We will also be available on discord throughout the 12 weeks for teams who need individual help. The competition will be held virtually with our robotics team monitoring the field and scores. Each team will log in and be put in a queue, and your team will be able to drive their bot over wifi when it's their turn.

 A few guidelines for the teams:
          - Each team must have a coach over the age of 18
          - A team can consist of 1-5 members
          - $70 per TinyBot (Each team will need at least 1, but can have more as well)

 Gladiator Robotics is so excited to invite everyone to our TinyBot competition! Please let us know by September 4th if you have a team that would like to participate. Reach out if you have any questions and we can't wait to see everyone's TinyBots!

Thank you,
Gladiator Robotics

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About Us

Johns Creek High Schools Gladiator Robotics Team offers a hands-on learning environment for students interested in robotics and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Students on the team are provided with opportunities to learn and compete against other teams in robotics-based competitions throughout the school year. Gladiator Robotics competes in competitions such as BEST and GRITS competitions in the fall semester, and the more rigorous FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) in the spring semester.
Students on this team learn mechanical and electrical engineering, leadership skills, business management, programming, and people skills. Students learn to design, build and program robots while also learning the business side of competition such as requesting sponsors and writing award applications. Gladiator Robotics works with professionals, alumni mentors, and students for an opportunity to develop skills in business and STEM careers.
The goal of Gladiator Robotics is to compete at the highest level of competition while promoting STEM in our community. We challenge ourselves to offer every member of Johns Creek High School, and students of nearby middle and elementary schools, a chance at STEM education and involvement. To achieve this goal we are involved in Outreach such as the State Bridge elementary school’s FLL team and Autrey Mill Middle School’s May Madness STEM presentation.






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