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BEST (Boosting, Engineering, Science, and Technology) is a middle and high school robotics competition; its national mission is “to inspire engage and excite students about engineering, science, and technology as well as inspire them to pursue careers in those fields.”  

Each fall thousands of middle and high school students spend six weeks designing and building a  2x2x2 foot robot out of plywood, PVC, aluminum, and basic electronics to compete in complex games designed to simulate real-world problems. 

Our team follows a six-week build period to build a robot to compete. We start with game theory by analyzing game rules and calculating which objectives generate the most points in the most efficient manner. We then break off into smaller groups to draft and design mechanisms to achieve those objects from drivetrain to claw arms. Groups will prototype and test these mechanisms before coming back and presenting their designs for team review. After review, we’ll manufacture a robot with the finished designs and create marketing presentations showcasing our team and robot.

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